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Arizona Supreme Court rules business can refuse to make wedding invites for LGBTQ couple

Sep 17, 2019

By Owen Daugherty

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Phoenix business can refuse services to an LGBTQ couple that requests custom wedding invitations.

The Arizona Republic reports the court ruled that the Phoenix ordinance that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination can’t be used in this case to force the artists to make the wedding invitations.

The state Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision Monday overturned multiple lower court decisions that ruled in favor of the LGTBQ community and in this case the couple.

“The enduring strength of the First Amendment is that it allows people to speak their minds and express their beliefs without government interference. But here, the City effectively cuts off Planitiffs’ right to express their beliefs about same-sex marriage by telling them what they can and cannot say,” Justice Andrew Gould wrote in the majority opinion, according to the Arizona Capitol Times.

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