"Lowndes High School" by Michael Rivera / CC BY-SA 3.0

Lowndes County Schools to allow prayer at Friday football games

Sep 19, 2019

By Emma Wheeler

The Lowndes County Schools Board of Education announced a new policy for student-led prayers before Friday football games.

On Monday, the Board of Education had its first reading of a new policy allowing students to lead a prayer before the football games. The new policy comes after administration did not allow the prayer at the team’s last home game on September 6, an omission that left many students and fans upset.

The new policy allows students to present anything before the game, from a song to a poem or a prayer. It was introduced to a crowded board room Monday as parents, fans and alumni cheered and praised the board’s decision.

“What message do you want Lowndes County, and most importantly these students to learn from your decision, and you voiced overwhelmingly the right one,” said Darrel Presley, President of the Vikings Touchdown Club.

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