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Maryland pastor charged with attempted rape of minor

Sep 26, 2019

By Justin Wm. Moyer

A Maryland pastor was charged with sexual offenses in Montgomery County after allegedly attempting to rape a minor who was a congregant, police said Tuesday.

In May, a victim told police Octavio Cantarero, 42, a pastor at the Iglesia Pentecostal Principe De Paz in Gaithersburg, told her she was too young to live alone and provided her with a room at the church to use, Montgomery County Police said in a statement.

On Jan. 16, Cantarero brought her to a room in the church that had a bed and stated that the two would sleep there, according to the statement. During the night, the victim woke up to Cantarero attempting to rape her, and he asked the victim not to tell anyone, saying he could help pay for her clothes, rent and school, and that her demons had provoked him, according to the allegations in the statement.

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  • No surprise.  The Bible is full of stories about how preferable young virgin girls are and how incest is A-OK.  All the orders about killing all the men and non-virgins and boys, but keep the virgin girls for “handmaidens” (eg sex slaves).  From Genesis to the story of Lot impregnating his own daughters and on and on …

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