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Prosperity gospel’s false promises aren’t always about money

Sep 11, 2019

By Alan Cross

Last week, Benny Hinn, prominent charismatic healing evangelist and prosperity preacher, again renounced his adherence to the prosperity gospel by declaring that “the blessings of God are not for sale.”

The egregious form of prosperity preaching that Hinn now renounces is easy to spot and reject because this kind of preaching often appeals to giving specific amounts of money so that healing, victory, financial breakthrough, personal fulfillment will be granted by God.

But there are many prosperity gospels that hold out the promise of victory, success, actualization, a sense of “arrival” and the good life for the faithful who adhere to the correct precepts. These teachings often see Jesus as a means to an end, a way to improve our lives or society or to attain power so we can make life better. What they have in common is a sense that our limitations and “lack” are defining and that we can find wholeness by following the right steps or formulas for success.

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