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Secular Student Alliance has seen growth at religiously affiliated colleges

Sep 9, 2019

By Heather Adams

LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Sophie Cote, a math and economics major who hopes to be on Wall Street one day, and Charlotta Lebedenko, a chemistry and philosophy major on her way to medical school, sat together during their medieval theology class at Fordham University, a Jesuit university in New York.

Freshmen at the time, the two banded together to defend their non-religious perspectives.

“It became pretty clear that our views were very, very different from everyone else,” Lebedenko said. “People would be upset that Sophie and I would speak up in class against theologians such as Aquinas and Anselm and say, ‘We disagree with this and here’s why.’”

Now, as sophomores, the two are roommates and starting Fordham University’s first Secular Student Alliance chapter — one of 10 new chapters that have been started recently at religiously affiliated schools.

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