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The Clergy Project has 1000 Participants!

Sep 18, 2019

By Linda LaScola

Wow! I must say I never thought this day would come. The Clergy Project, that I helped to found, along with Dan Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Carter Warden (formerly known as “Adam Mann”) and “Chris”, now has 1000 participants.

This comes after starting as a private website in 2011 with 52 people, where non-believing clergy could converse with each other. To them, it was a way to share their stories, and to find camaraderie, solace and practical help.

To me, it was a secular miracle; not because I didn’t think that there were 1000 non-believing clergy out there, but because, when my interest in non-believing clergy began, it never occurred to me that they would find each other and then join a group with others like them – and grow 1000 strong!

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One comment on “The Clergy Project has 1000 Participants!”

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    flyingfsck says:

    I fully expect that the majority of priests are non-believers.  The scammers are the top of the religious organizations certainly are only it for the money and power and play the game to keep the sheep in tow.

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