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An Atheist Asked Tom Steyer How He’d Handle Anti-Science Christians as President

Oct 22, 2019

By Megan Hamilton

During a town hall meeting at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Justin Scott, the Iowa State Director for American Atheists, asked 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer a very pointed question that, at its core, highlights perhaps the biggest difference between atheists and white evangelical Christians.

Specifically, Scott wanted to know how Steyer would deal with issues relating to climate change when, as president, he would have to work with Religious Right Republicans who don’t accept science and would challenge legislation meant to deal with the impending catastrophe.

SCOTT: I compliment your focus on climate change, because in the atheist world, we are very much focused on, protect that which is around you, and do it not because you’re motivated by some faith, but because we all have to live here, and we only have the evidence that we live one life. We are curious how candidates, if they become president, would take on the Religious Right in the sense that, even if we could get the government behind action on climate change, even if we could get companies behind it, you would have the Religious Right citing the Rapture or “My holy text says that the end of the world is coming, so what the hell’s the point of doing this?” So what would you say to that?

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