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Arizona man killed a 6-year-old boy trying to ‘cast the demon out,’ police say

Oct 2, 2019

By Amir Vera

An Arizona man forced hot water down a 6-year-old boy’s throat in an attempt to “cast the demon out” Thursday, police said in a criminal complaint

Pablo Martinez, 31, who lives on the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation near Tucson, was arrested on a federal charge of first degree murder, according to a statement from a spokeswoman for the FBI office in Phoenix. The child’s adopted mother is a member of the Pascua Yaqui Indian Tribe, but Martinez is not.

CNN has not been able to reach Pablo Martinez, his defense attorney or any members of his family.

Martinez told police he noticed a demon inside the 6-year-old within the last week, the complaint said.

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4 comments on “Arizona man killed a 6-year-old boy trying to ‘cast the demon out,’ police say

  • Wow….

    In The Netherlands we have a word for this: “godsdienstwaanzin”. It translates more or less into “madness induced by religion” with the madness going way off the charts. This behaviour is deeply criminal in my book.

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  • This guy was probably crazy, eg not actually criminal.  As many things as religion has to answer for, I don’t really count an incident like this among them. Now if he had dragged the kid off to church and the preacher there was involved, that’s a religion thing.  The Catholic Church has long downplayed exorcism and pretended like they don’t recommend it anymore – until a year or two ago, when they decided to start training more exorcists because “demonic possession” is “increasing”.

    Here’s what the Catholic church REALLY has to say about demonic possession and exorcism:

    Evil is real. Demonic possession is real. It is not always what is the matter, but it does happen and when it does a trained exorcist is required to cast out the demon.

    And why is that?

    The priests blame addictive behavior such as pornography viewing and drugs as causes behind the rise of evil.

    From this, non-superstitious report:

    According to the Sicilian priest and exorcist Benigno Palilla, speaking on Vatican Radio, there are half a million cases reported in Italy yearly, and demand for assistance has tripled. … Palilla lays the blame on people who visit fortune-tellers and tarot-readers. These practices “open the door to the devil and to possession”.

    The guy in the article may have been Catholic or maybe not, but he was definitely mentally impaired.  He needs to be medicated and treated.

    The Catholic church, on the other hand, as well as any other religious organization that believes in demons, needs to get its head out of its medieval ash and stop with the torture of innocent epileptics and other people who are somehow ill or maybe even just angry and non-cooperative.

    Guarantee you, if somebody tied ME down and started sticking pins in me and dripping wax on me, I’m going to writhe and scream and spit at you, too.  You’d better hope I don’t get loose.

  • Yet again I have to point out that “evil” is an adjective not a noun.  No-one has ever smelt, tasted, seen, heard or touched evil.  You can see instances of evil things, just as you can see instances of red things, and the same applies to the other senses, you can smell a fish, or something that smells like fish, but not “fish” in the abstract.

    There is no such thing as “evil”, as an extant entity or concrete reality – except in the suggestable minds of transcendentalists; and although when thinking of Nazis or  Pol Pot, it is tempting to talk as though evil were an objective, active, real thing, this is a dangerous mistake.  It allows political advantage to those who trade in moral certainties, with the disastrous results that can be seen in the US, where the immutable  laws of god, and the works and pomps of the devil are endowed with reality, which must be promoted in the former and defeated in the latter case, by all means possible.

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