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Barr slams attacks on religious values, says ‘moral upheaval’ leading to societal ills

Oct 14, 2019

By David Shortell

Attorney General Bill Barr decried attacks on religious values in a speech Friday, tying a movement of “militant secularism” to societal maladies including the opioid epidemic and “an increase in senseless violence.”

Speaking to an audience at the University of Notre Dame Law School, Barr outlined a grim vision of cultural trends, saying a “moral upheaval” and decades of efforts to undermine religion had given way to growing illegitimacy rates, drug use, and “angry, alienated young males” — a population associated recently with a spate of domestic attacks.

“The campaign to destroy the traditional moral order has coincided and I believe has brought with it immense suffering and misery. And yet the forces of secularism, ignoring these tragic results, press on with even greater militancy,” Barr said.

The speech highlighted the efforts by the Justice Department to bolster faith-based organizations fighting for religious liberty in the courts.

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2 comments on “Barr slams attacks on religious values, says ‘moral upheaval’ leading to societal ills

  • Religion is its own worst enemy. The more the religionists wreak havoc on society, the more they drive people away from them. The only question is: will they paint themselves into the irrelevancy corner before or after they destroy the world.

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  • Religion is on the ropes, and rightly so.  All this fundamentalism all over the world is the last hurrah of the priesthood attempting to maintain their grasp on power over others.  Christianity is the most often cited “authority” for why we don’t have to care about the environment, starting with the whole idea of man having “dominion” over the earth (and therefore not having to care about it) all the way up to their expectation of the coming of the “rapture”.  I’ve got news.  The rapture was supposed to have already happened within the lifetime of the disciples.  It didn’t happen because it was the fevered imaginings and rantings of folks who would be on psychiatric meds to control their schizophrenia today. Man-caused climate change is already out of control.  We are not going to make it as a species.  And we did it to ourselves.  Sadly we will be taking a lot of other species with us and destroying our beautiful world in the process.  And if you DON’T think that lunatics will start throwing nuclear weapons around as things worsen, you’ve got another think coming.  We will turn this green and blue marble into a wasteland.  Nothing proves the nonexistence of god as clearly and thoroughly as the way humanity has run roughshod over the rest of “creation” without interference from above.

    Nothing will make religion as thoroughly irrelevant as the entire human species dying out, which is the unavoidable consequence of our reckless disregard for reality.

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