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GOP Candidate: Force Pregnant Women To Wear Ankle Monitors To Prevent Abortion

Oct 22, 2019

By Michael Stone

Can you smell the misogyny? Bill Drennan, a GOP candidate for the Virginia State House, suggests that the way to prevent abortions is by forcing pregnant women to wear ankle monitors.

Drennan, speaking at a candidate forum in Sterling, Virginia, last Wednesday, apparently tried to compare common sense gun legislation to a woman’s right to an abortion by equating aborted fetuses to the lives of individuals killed by gun violence.

Drennan said:

The number of abortions in Virginia in 2017 was 17,210. The number of gun deaths, the misuse of guns, was 1,041. That’s a ratio of 16.5 to 1.

Drennan continued:

How about this… I’m going to impose commonsense restrictions on the constitutional right to an abortion. How about ankle bracelets?

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One comment on “GOP Candidate: Force Pregnant Women To Wear Ankle Monitors To Prevent Abortion”

  • ZOMG, what a maroon!  Sadly I’m not terribly surprised by this.  I’ve always known this is the sort of crap these people have in their heads, but lately they’ve been emboldened to come right out and speak it out loud.  I think that’s the most terrifying thing of all, that they think they can say these things OUT IN PUBLIC and not suffer any repercussions.  Which, by and large, seems to be true more often than not lately.

    Am I the only one who remembers the proposed “Family Protection Act” of the Reagan administration?  It included prohibitions against teaching about women in ANY nontraditional roles in school.  So, no Madame Curie, no Florence Nightingale, no Ada Lovelace, etc etc.

    It also included prohibitions that would keep a woman from doing anything “dangerous” during pregnancy, such as, say, normal exercise.  If you did ANYTHING that might be responsible for a miscarriage they wanted to prosecute women for infanticide.  So if you were pregnant and tripped down the stairs at work, jail for you.  They also wanted to incarcerate “women of low morals” so they couldn’t drink or do drugs while pregnant.  Probably would want to add any girl-children born in captivity that way to their harems as well.

    Say hello to the Handmaid’s Tale in real life.

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