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Italian Who Compared Catholic Church to Masochism Club Convicted of Blasphemy

Oct 24, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

During a radio interview with La Zanzara (“The Mosquito”) in 2014, famed Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani discussed a hypothetical situation in which an alien landed in the country and walked into a Catholic Church for the first time.

Oblivious to religious beliefs, he said, the alien would notice a bloody Jesus on a cross, tortured saints, nude angels… and be horrified by what it was seeing. Hell, a club devoted to masochism wouldn’t be nearly as disturbing!

Imagine to be an alien who has just landed in Italy. You enter in a beautiful Catholic church, without knowing anything about religion. You enter and you see a bloodied man hanged and nailed to a cross, an altar with naked babies flying, Saint Bernard [he meant Saint Bartholomew] without the skin… I believe that a masochist club wouldn’t be such at the upfront.

He said in that same interview that the Church was a “men-only club” and that he had been molested by a priest when he was a child.

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One comment on “Italian Who Compared Catholic Church to Masochism Club Convicted of Blasphemy”

  • Well he is absolutely correct!  Xtianity has been a weird death cult almost from the outset.  To my knowledge, only some of the early Gnostics – not so coincidentally destroyed by the early catholic church – seem to have avoided that trap.  They also seem to be the ONLY “xtian” group that was actually living more or less according to what the (most likely totally nonexistant) Jesus said. Of course, they also bought in to the whole apocalypse nonsense, which, when it didn’t come about by 200 or 300 CE, had a definite quashing effect on everything.  Not to worry, xtians picked that nonsense up and changed the date by a couple thousand years, just to be on the safe side time-wise.

    The Gentile version of xtianity bears no resemblance whatsoever to anything Jesus was supposed to have preached.  REAL xtians living according to what Jesus supposedly said would still be keeping all the Jewish laws – they would, in fact, be a sect of Judaism. But when Paul the misogynistic proselytizer came along and started building his power base, Gentiles balked at being circumcised (the men, of course, because women had no say in anything), which was CLEARLY going to limit Paul’s ascent to power to a great extent.  So he made up some crap about how they could ignore most of the OT, a situation that continues to this day, unless and until some xtians somewhere want to do something horrible (like hate gay people).  THEN they refer to the OT that actually didn’t really have anything much to say on the issue of homosexuality.

    Oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly) Paul was clearly heavily influenced by (eg he stole liberally from) early Gnosticism, which later xtian power mongers considered heretical and thoroughly stamped out, often by burning the “heretics” alive – something the xtians seemed to be fond of as it is a practice that persisted well into the 1700s (though in Scotland, at least, the practice was to break neck of a heretic or witch first and THEN burn them, apparently the screams of someone dying by burning alive actually bothered them, though apparently NOT the smell of burning human flesh).

    The only remaining original (historically) sect that I know of are the Mandaeans in Iraq.  I’m pretty sure the catholic church would still like to destroy them, but most likely they’re happy enough to let the local moslems do that job for them.

    A big part of the reason I could never really buy into the xtian mythology (though frankly the larger part is all the hate mongering and blood-thirsty violence in the bible), is this weird obsession with torture and death that exists in all versions of xtianity (with the possible exception of Quakers) to this day.  I don’t buy suffering as a Good Thing.  A god that wants its creations to suffer is an evil demon, and that’s the bent that most xtian cults take, suffering, death, and violence.  EG, the xtian movement is overrun with devil worshipers.

    Just another desperate power grab on the part of the catholic church.  They’ve been stewing in their own juices ever since they started losing power during the Reformation.  I swear, the xtian religous hierarchy (both catholic and protestant) would WELCOME climate change disaster, so a terrified and starving/dying populace will turn back to superstition and ignorance.  Power mongers don’t care about the ultimate end, they’ll just suck up all possible resources and feed off the suffering of the masses to the bitter end, just as they used to do before we started getting smart and rejecting them. Where do you think all that gold and art the Vatican is hoarding came from?  And all those big houses and luxury vehicles owned by TV evangelists.  Sai Baba had a couple million dollars stashed in his house and billions in the banks. God bothering can be VERY lucrative, even today.

    Note that the only reason Italy expanded blasphemy laws to include religions other than Roman catholicism was so they didn’t have to strike the existing blasphemy laws off the books.  Nothing like being fair in their application of injustice!

    Bite me, Italy.  I have the urge to come up with the most “blasphemous” things I can think of and start e-mail bombing the Vatican and the Italian government.  I probably won’t, but I feel the urge.  Perhaps I should pray to dog for the energy?  LOL!

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