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Pat Robertson: Trump May Lose the “Mandate of Heaven” if He Abandons the Kurds

Oct 8, 2019

By Sarahbeth Caplin

It’s too early (and still very unlikely) to say that televangelist Pat Robertson has joined #TheResistance, but he’s not very happy with Donald Trump at the moment.

On yesterday’s episode of The 700 Club, he said he was “appalled” that Trump was withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria, leaving our allies, the Kurds, to fend for themselves against more powerful Turkish forces. (The Kurds have long helped the U.S. fight ISIS.)

Even beyond that, though, Robertson said Trump would lose a rather unusual mandate…

… I want to say right now, I am absolutely appalled the United States is going to betray those democratic forces in northern Syria, that we possibly are going to allow the Turkish to come in against the Kurds… Erdoğan is a thug. He has taken control of his country as a dictator. He is a strong leader and a… you say he is an ally of America is nonsense. He is in for himself. And the president who allowed Khashoggi to be cut in pieces, without any repercussions whatsoever, is now allowing the Christians and the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks.

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4 comments on “Pat Robertson: Trump May Lose the “Mandate of Heaven” if He Abandons the Kurds

  • This chaotic age produces inconceivable ironies.  I agree with everything Pat Robertson says, except of course the “Mandate of Heaven”.  I’m prepared to substitute some other words for what Trump and the US have lost; morality, trustworthiness, dependability, honour, decency, respect credit, reputation, principle, pride, scruple, honesty…. I won’t trouble the thesaurus further.

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  • Agree with you there eejit. There’s no doubt the US is a great country – with some great deficiencies as well  – but the Trump era has led to a far more important loss for the country – a loss of respect. Even with George W. Bush at the helm, it was nothing like what’s happened in the past few years, where the country’s reputation has taken massive blows because of this completely idiotic blowhard. It’s really a shame.

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  • Thanks for the support Centauri.  I don’t really understand what the term great country means, and  I’m less sure, if that is possible, that I would apply it to the US.  Some things I’d look for in a great country are a health service open to all, excellent education for everyone, social mobility, low infant mortality, good environmental policies and outcomes, quality social housing, a constructive but discrete role in world affairs, service with UN peacekeeping forces, real programmes for racial, gender and class inclusion, public safety…..  I dunno, there are many other things which could be added to the list, and I can think of many, many countries which do better than the US.


    I hope that you’re not offended Centauri, but it’s time that this American shibboleth was challenged. Even though some items on the list above are opinion, a large number of them are measured fact.

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  • Fair enough. I think it is great in what it has achieved, but these things are beginning to pale against more recent developments. My favorite two flaws of the US are its healthcare (lack thereof), and its horrid infection by the faith virus. Their penchant for “belief” is very irritating, as it does more harm than any (perceived) good. You’d think such a developed country would know better, but it doesn’t, and it seems it won’t fix these things. I do see your point and on reflection my use of the word “great” was too broad-brush.

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