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The Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are lobbying against child abuse statutes. This is their playbook

Oct 3, 2019

By Marisa Kwiatkowski, and John Kelly

Pennsylvania state Rep. Tom Murt slid into a pew at his childhood church, seeking a break from politics and the stress of work.

Instead, Murt got an earful.

In his sermon, the priest talked about a bill pending in the state Legislature that would give survivors of child sexual abuse more time to sue their abusers – and the institutions that hid abuse.

The Catholic Church was being mistreated, the priest said. Legislators were being particularly harsh toward the church while leaving public school teachers who commit crimes off the hook.

Then the priest singled out Murt.

Tom Murt, the priest said, wasn’t defending the church in its time of need. In fact, the Republican and lifelong Catholic was supporting the legislation.

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3 comments on “The Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are lobbying against child abuse statutes. This is their playbook

  • I’m not surprised.  The Boy Scouts are an awful organization that discriminates against gay people and they still discriminate against atheists AND agnostics.  My brother was indoctrinated into misogynistic and racist views as a member of an Explorer post.  To this day he is the only member of my family who is a flaming racist and gun nut.  My dad was actually afraid of him.  He would show up on rare occasions when he wanted money and spout off for hours about his white supremacist craziness.  His Explorer post refused to accept female members after the BS national council decided to allow girls to join.  They had to dissolve the post permanently because they were so intransigent and ban the leader from scouting.  Imagine that – people who are so racist and misogynistic that even the boy scouts can’t tolerate them.

    There should be no statute of limitations on sexual abuse.  This is not a property crime.  It’s an assault on one’s body that causes permanent damage and long-term harm to the victim.  It is WAY past time for some of that to come back on the abuser.  Murderers don’t get away with it regardless of “how hard it is for them to defend themselves”.  Why should rapists and pedophiles?

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  • In the more tribablistic fanatical religions the levels of harassment and cover-up are taken to extremes!


    A Bangladesh court has sentenced 16 people to death for the murder of a student set on fire after accusing her teacher of sexual harassment.

    The headteacher Nusrat had accused of harassment and two female classmates were among those convicted.

    Three teachers, including the headmaster, Siraj Ud Doula, who police say ordered the killing from prison after he was arrested under suspicion of harassment, were found guilty by the court on Thursday. Another two of the defendants convicted, Ruhul Amin and Maksud Alam, are local leaders of the ruling Awami League party.

    Sexual abuse is claimed to be widespread, so it appears that those convicted expected to get away with the murder.  It is also suggested that some local police may have been involved in the cover-up.


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  • Yup.  The arrest of a rapist in India – cannot for the life of me remember which state and I’m too lazy to look it up – recently set off riots.  I’m not sure which side made up the majority of rioters, pro or anti-arrest.

    India has real problems with public sexual assault, battery, and rape – they call it “Eve teasing”.  It isn’t teasing, its assault even at its mildest, and murderous at its worst.  I used to think I’d go live in India for a few years when I got old (as I am now) as I loved the time I spent there, the culture, the people, and the food – but even women BORN there with whom I am acquainted have lately (in the past 5 to 10 years) started telling me they do NOT want to go back because even THEY are afraid to be out alone in places like Delhi, Mumbai, and even Bangalore.  They’ve gotten used to being relatively safe whenever they step outside their homes, and for most of them (these are mostly women my age or older) things were not this way when they were living there.

    Aurungabad is particularly unsafe for women, which means I will never get to see the caves at Ajanta Ellora, something I missed when I went there because my ex thought it was a stupid waste of time and wouldn’t make time for it after our flight ended up being 36 hours late.

    India is suffering through a period of backsliding into authoritarianism and religious and political fundamentalism, just like most of the rest of the world, and Bangladesh and Pakistan are pretty much versions of the same situation only with a moslem instead of hindu influence.  Modi is India’s Trump, only worse because he’s not a congenital moron on top of everything else.  Part of that backswing is the intentional intimidation and suppression of women by violence, including overtly sexualized violence such as rape.

    I’m sure that the fact that India now has a lot more men than women (due to selective abortion favoring sons) isn’t helpful either. There are now not enough women to go around so paradoxically in my mind – because rarity SHOULD bring about an increased perception of value – women are suffering increased persecution at the same time as they are receiving better educations and jobs outside the home.

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