"Ralph Drollinger" by Danielle Drollinger / Public Domain

Trump’s Bible Study Leader is Working with a Homophobic Ukrainian Politician

Oct 11, 2019

By Megan Hamilton

He teaches weekly Bible study classes for members of the Trump administration and members of Congress. As the founder of Capitol Ministries, he counts Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos among his followers. He uses his influence with Donald Trump and those around him to tighten his octopus-like grip on countries, including HondurasNicaragua, and several other Latin American countries.

Now, Ralph Drollinger (below) is home from a visit to Ukraine, where he preached to 50,000 people. That’s only possible because of help he received from Pavlo Unguryan, a virulently homophobic politician who believes homosexuality is a “treatable disease” and that gay people are pedophiles.

Unguryan has used his power to leverage hate towards LGBTQ individuals by doing things like calling for a 2013 Pride parade in Kyiv to be banned and claiming that public LGBTQ events would be “the first step toward the legalization of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage, and then introduction of mandatory training programs for homosexual parenting.” He also added a bit of extremist Christian hand-wringing into the mix by saying, “At the end, we will have the prosecution of any critical comments against these people.”

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