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Ugandan Leader Links LGBTQ+ People to Terrorists

Oct 4, 2019

By Shannon Power

Uganda’s minister of defense has called LGBTQ+ people “terrorists” as his government cracks down on supporters of a popular presidential candidate.

In an interview on a local news program, Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs Adolf Mwesige, spoke out against the People Power, Our Power movement inspired by popular singer Bobi Wine. The 37-year-old musician and MP announced in July he planned to run against President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 elections and has long been a vocal critic of the Ugandan government.

Authorities have arrested and jailed him many times for his role in protests of the administration, but Wine’s supporters say the criminal charges are an anti-democratic attempt to silence him. His most recent arrest in August was allegedly for “annoying” Museveni.

On Monday, the Ugandan government banned people from wearing red berets, a symbol of Wine and his political movement. The government classified them as military gear, and anyone caught wearing a red beret could face jail time.

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