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Witchcraft Panic Fuels Trump Allies’ War on Halloween

Oct 31, 2019

By Peter Montgomery

It’s tradition: As Americans dress up to celebrate Halloween, religious right figures warn that what seems like harmless fun is actually a dangerous participation in demonic activity and Satan worship. This year’s warnings seem a little higher-strung than usual given the ongoing religious right panic about President Donald Trump being targeted by witchcraft.

In recent days, the Trump-supporting media platform Charisma has repeatedly pitched “Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween,” a new ebook with nine “teachings” about Halloween. “The demonic realm is alive and active,” it begins.

The ebook’s author Katherine DeGraw writes that people often recognize that “evil forces” drive actions like mass shootings. “However, when it comes to the pagan celebration of Halloween, we somehow do not see it as having the same demonic and evil impact as those other tragedies,” she writes. “The effects of Halloween and human sacrifices are just as real. However, authorities—and the news media—simply don’t report them.”

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3 comments on “Witchcraft Panic Fuels Trump Allies’ War on Halloween

  • (From the original):

    “curses, spells, vexes…” what, like prayers, speaking in tongues, laying-on-of-hands?

    “look at the holiday’s origin in the occult” hope they don’t discover the origins of easter or xmas then… (OK, they’re more “pagan” than “occult”…)

    “build it around the END TIMES” all the people who predicted “the end” have one thing in common: they were ALL WRONG. Why should this guy be any different?

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  • @OP – “The demonic realm is alive and active,” it begins.

    Ah!  Those religiously  confused ideas about the “right” and “wrong” supernatural beliefs!  I see that a Polish catholic priest who condemned and burned Harry Potter books and artefacts from other religions, has now apologised  – after he has been fined by the authorities an others are looking at air pollution regulations!


    In the pictures, flames consumed an African wooden mask, a small Buddhist figure, figurines of elephants, books on personality and magic, and children’s novels from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

    Some faithful and priests believe that Harry Potter books promote sorcery.

    Yep!  Obviously Voldemort is out to get them!! ☺

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