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‘You can be Christian & you can be gay.’ Theater teacher says she was forced out of school

Oct 23, 2019

By Rick Neale

On Oct. 2, a half-hour before her musical theater class began, Covenant Christian School teacher Monica Toro Lisciandro said administrators unexpectedly called her into a meeting.

Somebody had apparently called the private Christian school and leveled allegations against her.

Lisciandro said the assistant principal told her the school received word that Lisciandro was in a relationship with a woman, she had attended a pride festival, and she hosted an LGBTQ group in her studio.

Her response? “Well, it’s true.”

Lisciandro, who is gay, says she was forced out of her part-time teaching job because of her sexual orientation. Last week, Head of School Lorne Wenzel wrote an email to musical theater parents:

“I am sorry to say that for personal reasons, Mrs. Lisciandro is not able to continue teaching our musical theater class. We are aggressively pursuing another teacher to finish the class and (direct) our play, and I will keep you posted,” Wenzel wrote.

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5 comments on “‘You can be Christian & you can be gay.’ Theater teacher says she was forced out of school

  • Typical xtian bigotry.

    Here’s a link that IS NOT behind a paywall or covered by a demand to turn off your ad blocker.


    I wish whoever posts these news blurbs would take the time to make sure they are not posting links that kick you out if you’re using an ad blocker or stuff that is behind paywalls.  There are any number of links to this news article that are in the clear.

    I NEVER EVER turn off my ad blocker.  Not having an ad blocker is not only super duper annoying, it also puts you at risk for malware.

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  • https://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/2019/10/teacher-at-taxpayer-funded-private-christian-school-forced-out-for-being-gay/

    A better, more thoughtful article on this situation than the link I posted above.

    “The school said in a statement: “Covenant Christian School believes that every person is created by God and has inherent value and worth that cannot be minimised by any classification, status or life circumstances. We uphold and affirm this inherent worth of every person.

    “Covenant Christian School also requires that all employees must agree to and model our position on human sexuality, which is based on the Biblical teaching that asks all Christ-followers to abstain from any sexual activities outside of a one-man, one-woman marriage.

    “For our school, teachers are not simply people who may come and go each school year. Teachers are asked to believe, model and instruct students in all matters of the faith including its doctrines.

    “We require that teachers strive to reflect in their own lives the biblical principles that they teach. The Christian life is not simply a passing of knowledge from one generation to another, it is about a life lived in community and unity to God’s standards as well.””

    From https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/10/22/gay-teacher-christian-school-pride-workplace-discrimination-monica-toro-lisciandro/

  • https://medium.com/james-finn/this-teacher-was-fired-for-being-gay-ecce66415f46

    The above link is to an article that discusses in depth the funding of this awful “school” via public tax payer money.  If they want public funding then they should HAVE to obey the same hiring practices and everything else (such as curriculum) that public schools have to abide by.

    NO religious school should be getting a red cent from public funds, either directly or indirectly.  That includes “xtian” colleges.  No student loans, even.  They are bastions of bigotry intent on disseminating and encouraging ignorance and superstition.

  • FWIW: I’d just like to add that none of the user posted links have the full text of the original Florida Today.article (There was no paywall for me, perhaps since I’m accessing the site from Europe).

    Original article incidentally includes this bit:

    “According to a non-discrimination policy on the homepage, the school “does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.”

    The conspicuous lack of  mention of sexual preferences in above, seems to fit well with “Covenant Christian School also requires that all employees must agree to and model our position on human sexuality” in Pye Wacket’s post above.

    I think such LBGTQ discrimination a massive invasion of privacy and frankly completely unrelated to  any ability to carry out a job. That school definitely doesn’t value either competency or experience, since Lisciandro (according to original article) has :

    “12 years teaching students, directing productions and performing in professional touring theater companies in New York City” and “Lisciandro taught about 35 middle school and high school students at Covenant Christian School”, “She worked at the school the past three years for about 10 hours per week. “.

    So apparently they  had an apt & capable teacher, doing exactly the job they were meant to do and well too, for THREE YEARS without issue, and NOW it’s a problem?! With such ignorance and stupidity it’s frankly amazing they can even muster enough academic wherewithal to qualify as an actual School.

    Also I don’t think those statements they’ve released(In Pink News article/PW post #2) ), would be valid cause for dismissal in any EU countries, even if they somehow got the employee to sign a contract containing that crap.

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  • The problem I had with the original site was not a paywall per se, but they were blocking my ad blocker.  I NEVER turn that off, and consequently have not suffered malware in over a decade since I started using that protection.  Ads on websites are notorious for spreading malware.  I couldn’t see much of the text and when I finally managed to drill far enough into the site, all I could see (and it looked complete) were a few basic facts that were rehashed on several other websites, none of which I bothered to reference.

    *shrug*  Doesn’t matter how complete it may have been when I couldn’t see it.  And I didn’t see in what I COULD see any in-depth reference to the tax supported nature of that school via the use of taxpayer-funded private school vouchers for people who are too bigoted to want to send their kids to secular public school.  So hopefully others may have found my alternate links more helpful than you seem to think they might have been.

    And yes, prying in to people’s private lives is reprehensible and has by and large dropped away from being a “thing” in hiring, though it seems to be making a comeback in these dark times.  I once turned a job down with Ross Perot’s computer firm because they insisted I would have to wear dresses and heels (or get “permission” from a MAN to wear slacks, bite me, misogynists, I don’t ask “permission” from ANYONE for how I choose to dress) and because I was informed that they would do “bed checks” to make sure I was home at night as I OUGHT to be and randomly timed phone calls to make sure that I was not cohabiting with anyone.

    Again.  BITE ME, MISOGYNISTS.  I turned them down flat before the interview went any further than that.  The interviewer was desperately trying to convince me it was A Good Deal as he blurted out the salary as I got up to leave (it WAS a lot of money, but as a programmer I was ALREADY making a lot of money).

    I  informed him that no amount of money would suffice to make me accede to those kinds of invasions of my privacy and headed straight out the door, without bothering to stop to return my visitor’s badge or anything.  LOL!

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