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Atheists Sue TN School District for Constantly Pushing Christianity on Kids

Nov 19, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

The ACLU and its Tennessee chapter are suing the Smith County School System in Nashville, Tennessee over its longstanding illegal promotion of Christianity.

According to Kelly Butler (an Army veteran) and his two kids, and Sharona and Jason Carr and their three kids, the district has a habit of pushing religion on kids. That’s a problem for all of them since they’re all atheists (including the children who use that label to describe themselves).

The lawsuit spells out in great detail what the families have encountered over the years.

Like all the school-sponsored prayer.

On Monday mornings throughout the school year, Smith County Middle School holds mandatory assemblies in the gymnasium known as “family meetings.” At these assemblies, Principal [Kelly] Bell solicits prayer requests from students and staff. After demanding that students and staff provide subjects for prayer requests, Bell sometimes adds her own prayer request. She then instructs students over a microphone to “bow your heads and think of these people” or to “keep these people in your prayers.” Staff and nearly all students bow their heads to pray silently during this period.

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