"Gale Crater November 2019" by NASA/JPL-CALTECH / Public Domain

Curiosity Has Just Sent Back a Bleak Image of Its Lonely View on Mars

Nov 6, 2019

By Michelle Starr

Curiosity is climbing. In the Gale Crater it calls home, the Mars rover has been making its way up an eroded pediment called the Central Butte.

It’s studying the weather-worn layers of rock around the base of Mount Sharp, which towers from the centre of the crater. But it’s not just close-ups of rock that feature in the postcards Curiosity sends back to Earth.

In between staring at the ground, the rover also fixes its robotic eyes on the Martian horizon. The image above was taken using the rover’s Right Navigation Camera B on November 1, or Sol 2573. It shows the view back towards the crater’s edge.

In the foreground, the butte gently slopes towards the mountain. In the distance, the rim of the Gale Crater – created in a giant meteorite impact billions of years ago – rises from the dusty haze.

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