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Josh Duggar’s Business Investigated by Homeland Security Officials

Nov 22, 2019

By Trudy Ring

An Arkansas business tied to disgraced former reality star and anti-LGBTQ activist Josh Duggar is involved in an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security agents had been at the Springdale, Ark., business as part of an “ongoing federal investigation,” a spokesperson confirmed to Fayetteville TV station KNWA Wednesday. The spokesperson gave only the address of the business, not the name, but the station found through local government records that the company located there is Wholesale Motorcars, and Duggar is listed as the contact for the firm, although not the owner of the property.

The station and other outlets had previously reported that Homeland Security had conducted an investigation at Duggar’s home in nearby Tontitown, which is apparently not the case. The Homeland Security spokesperson would not say if Duggar himself was the subject of the probe.

“I can’t speak to any individual that may be under investigation,” the spokesperson told KNWA. “So I can confirm that we were at that address. And spoke to individuals at that location. But I can’t discuss any individuals by name.”

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