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Kerala Catholic Priest Who Called Kids With Autism “Animals,” Will Now Counsel Them

Nov 8, 2019

By Sreedevi Jayarajan

Five months after Father Dominic Valanmanal stirred a controversy by comparing children on the autism spectrum to animals, the Catholic priest has scheduled ‘counselling sessions’ and a ‘prayer meet’ for autistic children and their parents in Kerala.

In June 2019, Father Dominic was uninvited by churches in Canada and Ireland after his offensive remarks on autistic children sparked outrage.

“Why does this generation have autism and hyperactivity? The children of this generation – young men, young women – should keep this in mind. Alcohol, cigarette, beedi, narcotics, paan, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, porn – if you are addicted to any of these, I say to you in the name of God. Dear children, keep in mind, tomorrow when you get married and have children, there is a high possibility of bearing these type of children. It is because the anointing (sanctity) is lost. The young men and women are not filled with the Holy Spirit anymore. Afterwards, they lead an animal-like life. They copulate like animals. They bear children like animals. Therefore, those children will also be like animals. Animals do not speak, they do not have ears and can’t hear. It is not human,” he had said in a controversial video which has since been deleted.

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  • I just looked up on Wikipedia the list of animals living in Kerala, and Homo sapiens is not on it. As Homo sapiens has been shown to live in Kerala, I can understand how Homo sapiens Keralensis came to think of itself as not being an animal.

    Fix Wikipedia and this silly aberration will no doubt go away.

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