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Ohio House passes bill allowing student answers to be scientifically wrong due to religion

Nov 15, 2019

By WKRC Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) – Ohio lawmakers are weighing in on how public schools can teach things like evolution.

The Ohio House on Wednesday passed the “Student Religious Liberties Act.” Under the law, students can’t be penalized if their work is scientifically wrong as long as the reasoning is because of their religious beliefs.

Instead, students are graded on substance and relevance.

Every Republican in the House supported the bill. It now moves to the Republican-controlled Senate.

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5 comments on “Ohio House passes bill allowing student answers to be scientifically wrong due to religion

  • Amazing.  What an amazingly backward state;  but I’m sure there are at least half a dozen others waiting and watching the outcome before jumping on the bandwagon.  (Don’t those legislators have other things to, like invest money in the crumbling education system, address poverty etc.)

    This has to be put to a legal test (if it passes).  A top student who has invested a lot of effort into studying science, who actually knows the science well, is given lesser or equal marks in a science exam  with someone who knows their religion and disagrees with the science, and thus our plaintiff misses out on further educational or employment opportunities.

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  • @OP – Instead, students are graded on substance and relevance.

    I would suspect that education facilities in more enlightened states, or  any foreign universities where the US Ohio students make applications for higher courses, will also be interested in the substance and relevance of qualifications in failed methodology and scientific illiteracy!


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  • Ohio is not noted for academic excellence.   The main institution that is Ohio State University is one of the most prominent ‘sports colleges’ in the USA,   where you will get a degree if you can catch a ball at speed while weighing in excess of 240 pounds.

  • OSU is a football factory. James Thurber wrote a piece many decades ago about how dumb the football players could be. Nevertheless, it does quiet well in STEM, particularly engineering, where they may not be as good as Berkeley, Illinois and Michigan, but are really quite respectable. The statehouse is a different story, of late aiming to be the Alabama of the great lakes.

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