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Paula White, Trump’s key spiritual adviser, will join the White House

Nov 4, 2019

By Josh Dawsey and Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Florida televangelist Paula White, who has served as a spiritual adviser to President Trump, will join his administration in an official capacity, according to a senior administration official and another person familiar with the move.

White, who already helps coordinate Trump’s evangelical outreach to key leaders, will be a religious adviser in the Office of Public Liaison, the part of the White House overseeing outreach to groups seen as part of Trump’s base. According to Religion News Service, she will serve as the advisor to the Trump’s Faith & Opportunity Initiative.

The move appears to formalize a relationship that has been years in the making, going back nearly two decades to when White and Trump first met.

White was one of six clergy who prayed at Trump’s inauguration, and other evangelical advisers say she speaks with Trump regularly. She is known as one of the most prominent televangelists who teach a prosperity gospel, that God will reward believers with wealth and health, a teaching that many Christians believe is heretical.

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2 comments on “Paula White, Trump’s key spiritual adviser, will join the White House

  • It makes my head want to explode, Paul.

    The one good thing that can be said for Christianity is that the person Christians themselves claim as their role model is reported in the book they themselves claim is the infallible word of God as being one of the clearest, most radical advocates of a caring, compassionate, selfless, unmaterialistic, non-greedy society anywhere in literature.

    The prosperity gospel is such a perversion of what the character at the very heart of Christianity is claimed to have preached that it just blows my mind. The sheer ugliness and selfishness and disingenuousness of it … Utterly revolting.

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