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Trump advisory board member: Women should strive to be “handmaidens,” stay out of the workplace

Nov 21, 2019

By Eric Hananoki

Right-wing pundit and recently announced Trump advisory board member Clarence Mason Weaver has said that women aren’t equal to men and that they damaged society when they won the “‘right’ to leave the home and go to work.” He has claimed that women who report sexual misconduct at work are the reason “why we don’t want to be around you in a business.” And he has told women that they should carry themselves as “handmaidens” and “be submissive.”

The Trump campaign recently launched its “Black Voices for Trump” coalition, with President Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Atlanta, GA. The campaign also announced the members of its advisory board, which includes numerous right-wing media personalities such as radio host Herman Cain, Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk, and Fox News contributors Deneen Borelli and Alveda King.

The campaign lists the involvement of Clarence Mason Weaver (who usually goes by Mason Weaver in media appearances and also lists his name as Clarence A. Mason on his website), a right-wing author and purported motivational speaker. Weaver has made numerous appearances on Fox Business and Fox News over the years, including on Tucker Carlson TonightFox & Friends, and Trish Regan Primetime. He attended the coalition launch in Georgia and posted on Facebook that he got to “meet the President [and] shake his hand again.” He also met Lara Trump.

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One comment on “Trump advisory board member: Women should strive to be “handmaidens,” stay out of the workplace”

  • From his website :

    “Mason’s distinctive point of view is a direct result of a past tragedy that has produced a present day triumph  After approximately 2800 pounds of steel and iron plates fell on him, while on active naval duty in San Diego, California, the Navy classified him disabled and discharged him.”


    That would at least explain his crass stupidity, while not excusing it.

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