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1 in 4 Canadians believe humans were created by God within the last 10,000 years: poll

Dec 6, 2019

By Simon Little

A new poll has found a hefty minority (23 per cent) of Canadians reject the theory of evolution, and instead believe a god created humans within the last 10,000 years.

The survey, conducted by Research Co., found 61 per cent of Canadians believe humans “definitely” or “probably” evolved from less-advanced life forms over millions of years. That’s down five points from a similar Research Co. poll last year.

Seventeen per cent of people said they were unsure.

British Columbia was home to the highest number of people who said they believe humans were the product of evolution, at 67 per cent.

Quebec (64 per cent) was second, followed by Ontario (60 per cent), Alberta (59 per cent), Saskatchewan and Manitoba (57 per cent) and Atlantic Canada (54 per cent).

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