"Representative Timothy E. Ginter" by Ohio House of Representatives / Public Domain

‘An outright lie’: Ohio lawmaker shown to be linked to group pushing rightwing Christian bills

Dec 10, 2019

By Jessica Glenza

An Ohio legislator who said he had “no knowledge” of a right-wing Christian bill mill called Project Blitz is, in fact, the co-chair of the state branch of an organization behind the campaign.

The Ohio state representative Timothy Ginter sponsored a bill called the Student Religious Liberties Act. Opponents argued the bill would provide students with a religious exemption to facts, and would frighten teachers and school administrators into including religion in school functions.

The Guardian revealed the bill was nearly identical to one promoted by Project Blitz, a state legislative project guided by three Christian right organizations, including the Congressional Prayer Caucus (CPC), WallBuilders and the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Project Blitz aims to promote and help pass conservative legislation across the US to fulfill its right-wing Christian agenda.

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