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Another antigay church leader caught trying to buy sex on Grindr

Dec 17, 2019

By Graham Gremore

Another day, another antigay church leader busted for trying to buy sex on Grindr.

57-year-old Barry Cole Poyner of Kirksville, Missouri is an elder at the Kirksville Church of Christ, as well as a professor of communications at Truman State University.

The Kirksville Church of Christ likes to post things on Facebook about how terrible gay people are and how, if you have sex outside of marriage, you are a fornicator who is going to hell. You know, typical, run-of-the-mill Evangelical hate.

Poyner is one of the church’s three elders. He is responsible for stuff like coordinating vacation bible schools and offering marriage counseling, and he’s given a number of sermons preaching about the evils of homosexuality.

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