"Temple Menorah" by Roy Lindman / CC BY-SA 3.0

Christian Man Stabs Five Hasidic Jews As They Celebrate Hanukkah

Dec 30, 2019

By David G. McAfee

A Christian man brought a machete to a rabbi’s house in New York and stabbed five people as they celebrated the seventh night of Hanukkah. His pastor has already defended him in court.

Grafton Thomas was found with a bloody machete in his car, and blood and bleach on his clothes, after he stabbed the victims, two of whom are currently in critical condition. The stabbings represent “the latest and most violent in a string of anti-Semitic attacks” in the area, according to a report from Chabad.org.

The attack took place after Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg had kindled the menorah on the seventh night of the holiday in the presence of family and community members. As those gathered began to leave and make their way to the synagogue next door, witnesses say the attacker calmly walked in, drew his weapon, and stated that “no one is going anywhere.”

He then began swinging the knife wildly at people in the room.

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