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Illinois Town Rejects Invocations After Realizing Satanists May Participate

Dec 17, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Satanists have stopped a town in northern Illinois from adopting religious invocations… without having to say a single word.

McHenry Township was considering the invocations at the request of Trustee Steve Verr, but members of the public were quick to point out that if the goal was to have Christian prayers at meetings, others would quickly follow suit. Just check out the passive aggressive shade from this guy:

“If this does pass, I look forward to having Christians, Jewish people and Muslims,” Wonder Lake resident Mike Tauler said. “I look forward to atheists having their invocation. I look forward to members of the Satanic temple coming to have their invocation. Once you open it up to one, you open it up to all. Don’t forget that.”

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