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Jewish schools ‘pressurise parents to take children out of sex ed lessons’

Dec 5, 2019

By Catrin Nye

Two Orthodox Jewish secondary schools in London have been accused of pressurising parents into taking their children out of sex education lessons.

The BBC has seen an email and heard a recording of the state-funded schools explaining how to withdraw pupils from mandatory relationships and sex education classes, which begin in 2020.

One school referred to a wish to stop the teaching of LGBT issues.

But it said “accusations of coercion” were “entirely false”.


The email, sent to the Victoria Derbyshire programme by a mother who wished to remain anonymous, shows her daughters’ school – Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School in north London – asking parents to “prevent” relationships and sex education (RSE) classes.

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One comment on “Jewish schools ‘pressurise parents to take children out of sex ed lessons’”

  • Out of twelve stories on this page, eight are about sex, reproduction and the attempts by religious people to repress knowledge and freedom relating to people’s rights to use their bodies as they see fit.

    I’m quite sure that the same would be true of any other page on this site.  This is because control of sexuality is the obsession of the American Christian right.  As George Orwell pointed out in 1984 the similar obsession of the Party was to gain power over the individual:

    “We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man and woman. No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends …. Procreation will be an annual formality like the renewal of a ration card. We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now. There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother.” 

    Substitute God for Big Brother and GOP for Party
    and you are not far from the destination of Trump’s America.

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