"Serrated wrack and other algae" by W.carter / Public Domain

Researchers built AI technology that uses algae to fight climate change, and they’re planning on releasing the design so anyone can build one

Dec 17, 2019

By Daniel T. Allen

There are only a few ingredients needed for algae to take over: carbon dioxide, light, and water.

The ancient microorganism is thriving thanks to record heat waves and fertilizers washed away into nearby waters. And that’s bad news for pretty much everything else.

But what if a fourth ingredient — artificial intelligence — could transform the gooey sludge from a growing pest into a tool to fight climate change?

A team of researchers at the AI technology company Hypergiant sees algae as a weapon that can be harnessed for our benefit.

They recently built an AI-powered machine, the EOS bioreactor, that takes advantage of algae’s ability to capture carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. They say that by optimizing the growing environment for algae, their bioreactor can draw as much carbon dioxide out of the air as an acre of trees.

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