"Emergency Contraceptive or 'The Morning After Pill'" by Dr.Vijayachandar / CC BY-SA 4.0

She needed to fill her prescription for the morning-after pill. The pharmacist refused because of his ‘beliefs.’

Dec 13, 2019

By Katie Shepherd

severe snowstorm was brewing in McGregor, Minn., when Andrea Anderson called her doctor after a condom mishap left her in need of an emergency contraceptive to prevent an unwanted pregnancy last January.

“The next morning, I got up and said, ‘We can’t roll the dice,’” she told KSTP.

Her gynecologist told the 39-year-old mother of five she should take ella, the prescription-only morning-after pill, and sent the prescription to the only pharmacy in McGregor, a very small town about 130 miles north of Minneapolis.

But when Anderson showed up at the Thrifty White Pharmacy to pick up the pill, the pharmacist allegedly told her he would not fill the prescription. The small-town pharmacy wasn’t out of stock or too far from a wholesaler to get the pill for Anderson. Instead, the pharmacist told her he wouldn’t sell her the emergency birth control pill because of a personal objection.

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One comment on “She needed to fill her prescription for the morning-after pill. The pharmacist refused because of his ‘beliefs.’”

  • WOW! Let me get this straight: He objects to handing out the *physician prescribed* drug, but he does keep it in stock and that does apparently not meet any of his religious objections? Should he not have destroyed that drug as soon as it came in, or better, not have ordered it at all? Besides that, he’s placing himself in the physician’s chair! What will he do next? Perform operations on people on the pharmacy’s floor, of course guided by his God?

    This guy has some seriously dangerous warping issues, asylum level warping I mean.

    But he’ll probably get away with it, because you know, religion.

    Come to think of it, maybe he should be prescribed one of those good old exorcisms (while stocks last).

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