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Texas judge warned for refusal to perform gay marriages

Dec 5, 2019

By Tim Fitzsimons

Waco-based Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley’s refusal to perform gay weddings violates the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, a Texas judicial agency has said in a public warning.

The “warning” from the Texas Commission on Judicial Misconduct states that Hensley has declined to perform gay weddings since at least 2016, while continuing to marry heterosexual couples, despite the landmark ruling that declared the right to a same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

The warning also states that starting in August 2016, Hensley’s staff would give all same-sex couples a paper that said “I’m sorry, but Judge Hensley has a sincerely held religious belief as a Christian, and will not be able to perform any same-sex weddings,’” with a list of referrals to local people who would do so.

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