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Christian school expels teen after she posed with rainbow birthday cake, mother says

Jan 15, 2020

By Michael Brice-Saddler

Kimberly Alford says she typically plans big birthday celebrations for her daughter. But when Kayla Kenney turned 15 late last month, the Louisville mother opted to organize a smaller gathering of friends and family at Texas Roadhouse, one of her daughter’s favorite restaurants.

Ahead of the party, Alford instructed a bakery to decorate a cake with colors that “pop,” she recalled. It just so happened that the cake’s rainbow motif mirrored the design on her daughter’s sweater, and she took a picture of Kayla smiling next to it to commemorate the Dec. 30 party.

Now, Alford alleges the seemingly innocuous photo caused Kayla to be expelled from Whitefield Academy, a private Christian school in Louisville, where her daughter was a freshman. In an email to the family on Jan. 6, the academy’s head of school, Bruce Jacobson, wrote that Kayla’s enrollment was terminated, effective immediately, because of a social media post.

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One comment on “Christian school expels teen after she posed with rainbow birthday cake, mother says”

  • One the one hand: Dafuq?! Next, they’ll be shutting the school curtains whenever there’s a rainbow outside.

    On the other hand, she’s better off out of such a place.

    Also (from OP) “support Biblical standards of right and wrong”… the bibble contradicts itself so much, you can’t get coherent “standards”.

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