"Pro-Choice Clinic Escort" by Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA 2.0

Documents Show Government Funding of Anti-Choice Clinics a ‘Futile Project’

Jan 29, 2020

By Erin Heger

Newly released federal grant applications for the Obria Group, a California-based anti-choice organization operating clinics nationally, show an inefficient distribution of Title X funds, including high patient costs and a six-figure salary for its medical director.

The Obria Group, which operates 48 anti-choice clinics, or crisis pregnancy centers was awarded up to $5.1 million over three years in Title X funds (though not every clinic receives funds) from the Trump administration last March to provide comprehensive family planning services in three California counties. According to a report from the Campaign for Accountability (CfA), a nonprofit watchdog group, Obria’s 2019 Title X application shows per-patient costs ranging from $292 to $970.

In contrast, Essential Access Health, another Title X recipient in California, has drastically lower per-patient costs—roughly $20—which allows them to serve a much greater number of patients for the same amount of federal dollars, CfA Counsel Alice Huling told Rewire.News.

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