"Empty pews" by Jason Scott / CC BY 2.0

“Empty the Pews” Shares Stories of Christians Who Left the Fundamentalist Fold

Jan 21, 2020

By Beth Stoneburner

The white evangelical version of Christianity that takes up a good deal of air space and national publicity has done so much damage over the past few decades — especially the past few years — that more and more “ex-vangelicals” are speaking up and sharing their stories of exodus.

Some shifted to a more progressive form of Christianity while others left the faith altogether.

Deconstruction memoirs have basically become a genre of their own: from Garrard Conley‘s Boy Erased, chronicling his experience with “conversion therapy,” to Megan Phelps-Roper‘s Unfollow, about how she left the Westboro Baptist Church, more people are exposing the toxic underbelly of fundamentalism in print.

The latest entry in this genre is Empty the Pews, a compilation of essays from various authors, edited by ex-vangelist Chrissy Stroop.

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