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God Put Trump in Office, But Prophesy Will Not Return Him Without Voter Registration and Turnout, Lance Wallnau Says

Jan 8, 2020

By Peter Montgomery

Lance Wallnau, a “prophetic” author and speaker who has promoted President Donald Trump as God-ordained, delivered a “2020 Prophecy” message to his followers via a Facebook livestream on New Year’s Day. Wallnau charged that Trump’s Christian critics are on the wrong side of a spiritual war between God and his angels and the demonic forces of the Antichrist. Wallnau also used his message to promote the Friday campaign launch of an Evangelicals for Trump campaign.

“Trump is God’s Cyrus,” said Wallnau, referring to a biblical king who freed the Jews. “God put him there.”

Wallnau portrayed the 2020 election as a spiritual battle. “This whole next 10 months coming down to the election night is going to be a battle in the spirit because Satan wants to reset the clock and take back over this country,” Wallnau said.

Wallnau says that when he asked God what was going to happen to Trump in 2020, God told him that it’s a bigger question than presidential politics. “It’s about whose view and vision of the future of America’s going to prevail,” he said God told him.

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