"Exterior of the Jerry Falwell Library at Liberty University" by PCHS-NJROTC / CC BY-SA 4.0

Jerry Falwell Jr. plays while gay students suffer under his university’s conversion “therapy”

Jan 27, 2020

By Lucas Wilson

Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the university he inherited from his dad, Liberty, has gotten a lot of bad press lately, from charges that Jr. circulated racy photos of the woman to whom he is married to his decision to hand a former male student a lucrative contract to build a fitness facility on university property at the institution’s expense.

Then there’s that time he purchased a gay-oriented Miami Beach hostel for a pool boy he met at a nearby resort. The evangelical Christian was then photographed dancing at a club nearby.

Basically, from Miami Beach to Lynchburg, Virginia, the country’s most prominent evangelical seems to be living the life of a kind of international playboy. Suddenly his support for libertine Donald Trump makes more sense.

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