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Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill Declaring 2020 “Year of the Bible”

Jan 15, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Proving once again that no amount of lip service is ever enough for conservative Christians, Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm has filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 7, which would declare 2020 the “Year of the Bible.”

(Because how else would anyone know about Christianity?)

The bill goes far beyond just recognizing the Bible as a book important to some people. It treats the Bible like the only piece of writing anyone ought to care about — including, apparently, the Constitution.

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One comment on “Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill Declaring 2020 “Year of the Bible””

  • How about, you can have this year as “Year of the bibble” if we can have 2021 as the “Year of Fuck, You People Are Stupid; It’s The 21st Century Already! Get A Clue!”.

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