"Todd Bentley" by DarrynBelieu / CC BY-SA 4.0

Preacher Accused of Sex Perversion Deemed “Not Qualified” to Run Ministry

Jan 3, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Now we know what it takes to be kicked out of Christian leadership.

This saga involves Todd Bentley, a joke of a preacher who has said in the past that he raised 35 people from the dead (without proof, naturally). He also thinks kicking women in the face is a good way to heal whatever ails them. And one time, he helped a woman grow a new boob just like Jesus commanded.

All of that became irrelevant when, in August, one of Bentley’s colleagues spoke out against him. They were part of a ministry Bentley founded called Fresh Fire USA, and Stephen Powell said Bentley had a “perverse sexual addiction” that included “both homosexual and heterosexual activity.” Powell also said Bentley made “sexual advances” toward his own interns.

Among the accusations for which Powell claimed to have evidence:

… Screenshots of Todd asking a young single online student of his to “send him pictures of herself” on multiple occasions, asking her what she was wearing, on multiple occasions, asking for long hugs when they meet, and numerous other inappropriate and disturbing suggestions and appeals to this young lady who is not his wife.

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