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Rep. Ford seeks prayer in public schools with bill

Jan 31, 2020

By Tyler Cleveland

A bill she says would pave the way for school days to begin with the Lord’s Prayer in every public school in Mississippi has been proposed by state Rep. Jill Ford.

Ford, a Republican from Madison, described her bill, which has not been posted in the Legislature’s bill status system, as one that “will more than likely never see the day” in a Facebook post.

“Can you only imagine what would begin to happen in the Spiritual Realm if the children would stand before Him lifting their heads in prayer asking Him to ‘lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil?” Ford wrote.

“Oh how we would see the atmosphere begin to change across Mississippi as depression and suicide would stop becoming the norm. We would watch as our children’s grades begin to rise, their hearts softened and their minds saturated with good thoughts and not thoughts of addictions.”

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