"Pete Buttigieg" by Pete Buttigieg's Campaign Site / CC BY 3.0

Christian Bigot Calls Pete Buttigieg a “Recruiting Machine” for Homosexuality

Feb 24, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

During a campaign event over the weekend, a nine-year-old boy asked Democrat Pete Buttigieg how he could be brave when it came to telling people he’s gay. A powerful question, no doubt.

Buttigieg responded by telling the kid he didn’t “need a lot of advice from me on bravery.” He went on to explain it won’t always be easy, but knowing who you are goes a long way to overcoming that. It was a sweet moment.

But leave it to right-wing bigot Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, to see that clip as justification for why Buttigieg mustn’t get anywhere near the White House. He said that Buttigieg was a “one man recruiting machine, normalizing the crime against nature to nine-year-old children.”

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