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Except for devout Latter-day Saints, Utahns want to require churches to disclose their finances, poll shows

Feb 3, 2020

By Peggy Fletcher Stack and David Noyce

It turns out that the very Latter-day Saints who may have the biggest stake in how their tithing contributions are spent have the least interest in forcing churches to disclose those finances.

While a new poll for The Salt Lake Tribune shows that 54% of Utahns support the idea of having tax-exempt religious organizations publicly report their finances, barely a third of self-identified “very active” Latter-day Saints favor such a requirement.

The results come in the aftermath of a whistleblower’s allegation that the state’s predominant faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has amassed $100 billion in a reserve account from donations intended, but never spent, for charity.

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