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Pete Buttigieg Is “Deserving of Death” For Being Gay, Preacher Says

Feb 17, 2020

By David G. McAfee

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is “deserving of death” because he is gay, according to a preacher writing for Charisma News.

Mayor Buttigieg’s homosexuality is actually bringing the “death rattle of a nation,” writes Bert Farias, who said in 2014 that homosexuality is a “putrid-smelling demon.” Farias is upset that people are celebrating that Buttigieg is able to be open about who is, and that he kisses his husband “without shame” in public.

… The constant compromising of preachers to avoid controversy is creating much damage — not only to the world, which is looking for a clear sound from preachers, but also to believers who have little discernment or are growing tired of ambiguity. For example, one very influential and popular minister who has millions of followers was asked if homosexuality was wrong, and his general response was that his views were evolving. Evolving? That’s like saying the Bible is evolving. How pathetic of an answer.

In fact, when those who practice such things that are “deserving of death” also approve of others who practice them… it is one of God’s final signs of His wrath on a society. This is a description of gay activism and constantly pushing for its normalcy and marginalizing those who disapprove. This is present-day America. How far we’ve fallen!

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