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Roy Moore Blasts LGBTQ People During Ten Commandments Party

Feb 13, 2020

By Trudy Ring

Noted homophobe and accused pedophile Roy Moore has put his Ten Commandments monument on display once more.

Moore lost his position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003 because he refused to remove the monument from the state courthouse, a violation of the separation of church and state. Now, seeking election to the U.S. Senate (a second attempt), Moore has installed the monument at the Foundation for Moral Law, an organization he and his wife, Kayla, run in Montgomery, Ala. Since that’s private property, there are no constitutional issues raised by the display.

Moore delivered a speech at the installation ceremony Tuesday, blaming a “lack of morality” for political corruption, murder, and more. “We wonder why we have senseless murders. … [Why] do you think we have political corruption?” he said, according to Montgomery TV station WSFA. “Why do we think in Iowa they can’t even find out who won [the Democratic presidential caucus]? Ladies and gentlemen, we have corruption because we’ve forgotten morality.”

He also accused the LGBTQ movement of attacking religious freedom, the Montgomery Advertiser reports.

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