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Catholic Archbishop: Taking Communion OK Because ‘Christ Does Not Spread Disease’

Mar 18, 2020

By Michael Stone

“Christ Does Not Spread Disease” – Roman Catholic Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga of Poland is encouraging Catholics to keep going to church and keep taking communion despite the dangerous health risks.

In a letter responding to public warnings about the dangers of coronavirus, the archbishop contradicted all medical and scientific advice by encouraging Catholics to go to mass, take communion, and drink holy water.

In the letter the archbishop said:

The tempter knows perfectly well how to patiently weaken our closeness and unity with the Lord. He often starts with small matters. You have to tell him: go away, Satan. Satan is helpless against such expressive and explicit human testimony of faith. He’s terrified of it. It is not without reason that someone is afraid of something, like the devil of holy water. (…) Do not be afraid to reach for holy water with faith. Do not be afraid of the temple. Do not be afraid of the Church… Christ does not spread disease. 

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