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Hobby Lobby founder reportedly told employees a message from God informed his decision to leave stores open amid the coronavirus outbreak

Mar 23, 2020

By Bethany Biron

Hobby Lobby, the craft store chain that is no stranger to controversy, is once again finding itself in hot water for allegedly citing a message from God in its decision to leave stores open amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Though more than 90 retailers in the US have temporarily shuttered in the past week in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Hobby Lobby has remained steadfast in staying open for business. On Saturday, digital strategist Kendall Brown tweeted a widely circulated photo of a note allegedly written by Hobby Lobby founder David Green, in which the openly conservative Christian businessman repeatedly mentions the power of God as part of his justification to leave stores open.

In the note to employees, Green reportedly wrote that the decision was informed by a message from God bestowed upon his wife Barbara Green, who he described as a “prayer warrior.”

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6 comments on “Hobby Lobby founder reportedly told employees a message from God informed his decision to leave stores open amid the coronavirus outbreak

  • => Hobby Lobby Founder Reportedly Told Employees A Message From God Informed His Decision To Leave Stores Open

    More like that message came from his wallet. The “Green” in the name “David Green” seems perfectly apt.

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  • On many occasions there occurs a tendency to wax rhapsodic and over speculate on a condition which is easily explained at a base level.  I believe the principle of  Occam’s razor to be a useful tool as regards the religious fervor of the hobby lobby folks and those of that ilk, “greed wins the day“ is their true creed.  If you confronted these so-called devout Christians about their heartfelt desire to strip themselves of their earthly bonds so they might be united with their lord and savor you would quickly find an overwhelming reticence on their part to accept that arrangement.  Their true love is an ”earthly love” combined with “earthly riches” that they truly desire.  On that I am pretty sure.

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  • … “greed wins the day“ is their true creed.

    That mantra applies particularly well to Steve Green, Hobby Lobby’s CEO. He stocks his shelves with products almost exclusively ‘Made In China’ thus hypocritically disregarding China’s notorious slave-labor wages, as well as ignoring China’s blase attitude on abortion–a key subject for him here in the States.

    Then there’s his questionable practice of purchasing religious artifacts for his Museum of the Bible–many of them later found to be fake, and others purchased illegally.


    Money is that family’s god, but I doubt they would ever recognize or acknowledge it.

  • we may all have to ‘tighten our belts’ over the near future

    I spent decades sitting on negotiating committees with my former employer, on behalf of my Union.  There was always a crisis in the offing, and it was always necessary for us to tighten our belts.  We too had a few tricks and clichés up our sleeves, but more importantly we had the power of 14 000 teachers backing us up – so sometimes we managed to get a decent win.  I doubt very much that the poor sods who work for that bastard have such organisation or industrial power.  God won’t help them, he’s on the  side of the employers.  Organise, organise, organise!


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