"Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Hosting Believer's Voice of Victory" by Kenneth Copeland Ministries / CC BY-SA 3.0

Scamvangelist Declares COVID-19 “Finished” After Commanding God to Destroy It

Mar 30, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who said last week that God told him the coronavirus would “be over much sooner than you think” (but still wants you to tithe even if you’ve lost your job), offered up what I can only assume is a magic spell this morning in order to destroy COVID-19.

And that’s why the pandemic is now over.

(It’s not over.)

Copeland screamed out at Satan to “get off this nation” and “crawl on your belly,” before declaring the crisis to be “over.”

That will no doubt scare the virus into submission.

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3 comments on “Scamvangelist Declares COVID-19 “Finished” After Commanding God to Destroy It

  • vulgar monsters, it’s all I can think, I’m usually a level headed guy, but these monsters make me ill……they are clearly unwell…..tithe even if you’ve lost your job they say, just so you can pay for there decor in there mansions…..people are starving in this epidemic, and these monsters want your your money instead….it beggars belief

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  • If you went out clubbing every Saturday night and paid an entry fee to the club, during this epidemic would you expect the club to ring and say “Hey where’s my money”….NO you wouldnt……if your not there you don’t pay…..But this Copeland Gutter filth spreading this Vile Bilge stealing people’s money, he needs to be arrested for prolonging hungry people’s suffering…….

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