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Can faith healing work by phone? Charismatic Christians try prayer to combat the coronavirus.

Apr 6, 2020

By Michelle Boorstein

Roy and Darlene Curry say that they — like all believing Christians — have the power to miraculously heal the sick. Roy once raised a friend from the dead right at the coffin, he says. A few years ago at their house church in Severn, Md., the couple laid hands on the cancer-riddled body of a young woman who was soon disease-free.

These days, the Currys are praying for guidance on how to heal in the socially distant era of the coronavirus.

Would they be in danger if they approached the sick to pray, placing their hand upon the ailing person’s body? What about scriptures like Romans 8:2 that some interpret as saying believing Christians are free from the power of sin that leads to death? But the Bible also says to obey those in authority, say the Currys, who will socially distance as officials have ordered — unless God directly tells them otherwise.

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