"Jim Bakker during a PTL broadcast with his wife Tammy Faye, 1986" by Peter K. Levy / Public Domain

Charisma Founder Defends Jim Bakker’s Corona Fraud: He’s “Trying to Help People”

Apr 22, 2020

By Beth Stoneburner

The past two months have been a whirlwind for televangelist Jim Bakker. After one of his guests claimed his “Silver Solution” could cure coronavirus in under 12 hours, attorneys general from New York and Missouri came after him… and he stopped. But he’s spent the past week claiming none of that ever happened. When credit card companies stopped working with him, he said it was because “somebody told a lie about us.”

A “lie” that he broadcast to the world.

Now Steve Strang, the owner of Charisma Magazine, is rising to Bakker’s defense.

We need to stop being so hard on Bakker, he says. Strang wants us to overlook Bakker’s infamous extramarital affair, and his stint in jail over fraud, and this whole virus-cure thing… and, wouldn’t you know it, the reasons are not very convincing.

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